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Zentangle 3Z Stars
with Sue Trembeth

Zentangle 3Z Stars

Wednesday, December 13

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Using the Zentangle Method students will design and construct a six-pointed, three-dimensional star, that can adorn any holiday tree or hang in a window. You will continue your Zentangle journey learning new tangle patterns and fragments to embellish their creation.


It is recommended that you take a Zentagle Basics class or have Zentangle experience.

Please bring your basic Zentangle kit to class, along with scissors, micron 01 or PN brown pen, and glitter pens of your choosing if desired. Bone folder is helpful but not necessary.


Zentangle kit will be available to students for $12.00 and the student may purchase a 01 brown micron pen from the teacher for an additional $3.00.

Fee: $35.00

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