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2024 Summer Camp Information

Hours: 10 am to 3 pm

Monday through Friday

Age: Children 7 to 14 years (children must be 7 by January 1, 2024)

Price: $275

Note: You are not completely registered for camp until

  • Step 1 - submit payment.

  • Step 2 - submit Google camp form, you will be directed to form after payment.

Other information

  • Every Friday the class will hold an art show for parents, friends and family members.

  • Parents are responsible for packed lunch, including a beverage, and a beach towel. Please put sunscreen on your child before dropping off, as lunch and break are outside.



Week 1 - June 17 to 21

Under the Sea Exploration
This week is FULL

Dive into the depths of creativity with an underwater theme. Kids can explore marine life, mermaids, submarines, and vibrant coral reefs through their artistic endeavors.

You must read the handbook before registration.

Week 1 is Full, please look at a different camp week.


Week 2 - June 24 to 28

Outer Space Odyssey
Only 1 spot available

Blast off into space exploration with a cosmic theme. Kids can paint planets, make alien masks, and design their own spaceships in this intergalactic art camp.

You must read the handbook before registration.

Tri-color Popsicles

Week July 1 - 5

No Camp this week 


Week 3 - July 8 to 12

Time Travelers' Art Quest
Only 1 spot available

Travel through different historical eras as kids create art inspired by ancient civilizations, medieval times, the Renaissance, and beyond.

You must read the handbook before registration.


Week 4 - July 15 to 19

Superhero Training Camp
spots available

Kids can be superheroes in their everyday lives. Our summer camp gives them the tools and confidence to strike right balance with artistic expression. They don't have to be a Batman or a Wonder Woman to be a superhero. Maybe they are simply a champion of their chores (and doesn't that deserve a cape?), or they possess the superpower to make flowers bloom in their imagination (and on paper), heck, maybe they just pick up after themselves--that alone could be a superpower!


Whatever special talents your kids possess, let them bring it to life in this extraordinary camp where their imaginations can soar, and their talents can fly--even if they can't.

You must read the handbook before registration.


Week 5 -July 22 to 26

Art Around the World
Only 1 spot available

Take a global artistic journey, exploring various cultures and their art traditions. Each day is dedicated to a different country or region, allowing kids to create diverse and multicultural artworks.

You must read the handbook before registration.


Week 6 -July 29 to August 2

Carnival of Colors
This Week is FULL

Celebrate the joy of colors with a vibrant carnival theme. Kids can create colorful masks, paint carnival scenes, and design their own whimsical characters.

You must read the handbook before registration.


Week 7 - August 5 to 9

Robot Revolution
spots available

Travel into the future with a theme focused on robots and technology. Kids can craft their own robots, design futuristic cities, and explore the intersection of art and technology.

You must read the handbook before registration.


Week 8 - August 12 to 16

Insect Safari
spots available

Explore the tiny world of insects and bugs. Kids can create insect-themed art, make bug sculptures, and learn about the fascinating world of creepy crawlies.

You must read the handbook before registration.

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